Personal shopping

Arkivet offers free personal shopping that suits both the experienced second-hand consumer as well as for you who are going to buy second-hand for the first time. For us, it should be fun and easy to shop second hand. We believe in sustainable fashion where with our help you can renew your wardrobe without consuming newly produced.

We help you find gold nuggets and combinations that feel new and trendy. Our personal shoppers keep a close eye on the range, which makes it easy to navigate the store together. We test combinations and styles that make you feel confident and comfortable. We experiment with color choices and sizes. Our range consists of mixed brands that vary in size and fit. We care about finding the right fit and cut for you.

For one hour you will meet one of our personal shoppers. You will get inspired by your personal shopper in the store, try on garments according to your wishes and of course also have the opportunity to choose the garments you like.

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